Top 3 Night Activities in TCI

You might wonder what there is to do in Turks and Caicos at night. When the sun sets there are still plenty of things to explore, so don’t be worried. Take a look below for three amazing night activities!

1. Sunset & glow worms cruise

Book a sunset cruise, and enjoy watching the sunset, drinks, and snacks while you cruise around the beautiful island.  If you’re lucky a few times a month there are also tours where you can see glow worms! It’s an incredible sight when they light up the shallow waters with a green light during their spawning cycle.

2. Beach BBQs

Ending the day with a BBQ on the beach is the perfect evening activity! Enjoy some delicious food and watch the sunset from the beach with family and friends. Many BBQ events have buffet options or more of a traditional BBQ. Some locations even have live music or a DJ!

3. Bars 

In the mood for wine, beer, or rum punch? No matter your drink of choice, there are many amazing beach bars to choose from. Whether you want to watch the sunset, listen to music, talk to people, or party, there is a place for everyone! Infiniti Bar, Da Conch Shack, and Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl are just a few of the great spots around the island.